Use ZenMate To Browse Safely On Different Servers Without Any Security Issues

What is ZenMate?

zenmate review, what is zenmateNowadays VPN or commonly known as the virtual private network has become the hot topic on the web. In simple language VPN is a unique way to surfing the web, which provides you multi-layer security for your web experience. Besides that, it will also help you to encrypt your web traffic and to hide your IP address. Actually, VPN is the perfect answer for web security. Now there are several VPN networks and among them, ZenMate is one of the most popular VPN services.

ZenMate is a famous VPN service provider on the web. It is also used by the people all over the world on a large scale. The key feature of ZenMate is that it provides 128-bit AES encryption security standards and it has different server locations in 20 different countries. The premium service of ZenMate offers turbo speed. It helps to get rid of the slowdown issues within well-known servers. It is a reliable and fast VPN service on which you can trust blindly. Moreover, ZenMate offers another feature i.e. ZenMate Pulse which comes with free ad-blocker service.

Why You Need This?

Apart from 128-bit encryption ZenMate also uses TLS 1.2 protocol and different cipher suites to provide more cyber security for the users and these suites are more resistant in case of timing attacks. Unlike the other VPN services, ZenMate makes sure that you are protected 24*7 and so thus the power of the internet remains your hand. ZenMate also uses PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and DTLS protocol to maintain its standard encryption security option. It is also DNS leak free and by using it you will have a great advantage of higher bandwidth during downloading or uploading any data. You can also access 4 to 12 different servers without any security or slowdown issues by using this VPN service. ZenMate is also available on Windows, Android and iOS platform.

Which one is better – ZenMate VPN or ZenMate Chrome Extension?

ZenMate VPN service or the software is available for both mobile and desktop versions. So when you will use it, it will start encrypting everything which is online. For example it will encrypt chats, browsing, email clients and every single bit that goes on the web from your PC. But if you use ZenMate Chrome Extension then it will only encrypt Chrome browsing data. By doing this all other data will become unsecured and will be regulated via normal web channels. Hence, as a conclusion, it can be said that ZenMate VPN is better than it Chrome extension as it offers more than the extension including everything it offers. But if you aren’t worried about the non-browsing data, then the ZenMate Chrome extension is the right choice.

Is the ZenMate Chrome Extension free?

ZenMate Chrome extension is absolutely free and the size is very less. You have to download it and then add it in your Chrome browser as an extension. Now, this extension is free, but before you start to use the service if you have to create an account on their website.  It will give you a trial period of the premium version at free of cost. After that three different plans, i.e. monthly, six months and yearly are available. You can choose according to your need, but the yearly plan is the popular one among the users.

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