Latest iphone Release Rumors – Features of iPhone 7 in 2016

latest iphone release rumors, iphone 7 features, iPhone 7 release, iPhone 7 rumoursApple is planning to launch its future version of iPhone next month of 2016. Since the release date is approaching soon, internet has become flooded with latest iphone release rumors. iPhone fans are keenly waiting for the details about upcoming device. During previous iPhone launches, we’ve noticed a trend of providing readers some details about the expected features of the device much before it finally hits the store.

Upcoming iPhone Release Date:

According to Notorious leaker the release may take place on Friday, September 16 – although no official announcement has been made from

The Appearance And Features:

So far we have seen so many conflicting information that it becomes difficult to guess how the next generation iPhone will look like.

The upcoming iPhone is expected to be named as the iPhone 7 and since there is a speculation that Apple will be offering two different versions of the iPhone one with 5.5 inches and another with 4.7-inches display screen perhaps there will be iPhone 7 Plus. Some iphone rumours also suggest that there is a possibility Apple could change its standard numerical naming pattern, and at least one version of the 2016 iPhone will be named as the “iPhone Pro,” but we are still unsure about the accuracy of this report.

Recently Techtastic reports, Apple’s future iPhone will be a much darker than the Space Gray model of the iPhone. Perhaps it will have a relocated ambient light sensor, in addition to a flush pressure-sensitive home button. It will also feature much-improved water resistance. iPhone 7 Plus might be coming with Dual-lens camera though its design will be similar to the version iPhone 6s.

Some latest iphone release rumors suggest that Apple will perhaps come with 1mm thinner iPhone 7 model, it could be possible if the 3.5mm headphone jack is removed and the handset comes with a thinner Lightning port, while some other websites contradicting this rumor suggest the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be featuring the same thickness as we found in the iPhone 6s.

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