21 Megapixel Kodak Ektra Smartphone @ £449

Kodak Ektra Features, Kodak Ektra priceOnce a leading name in the field of photography, Kodak seems trying to emerge from bankruptcy by the launching of its camera-focused new Ektra smartphone this Thursday. This happens to be the company’s second endeavor in smartphone segment. Earlier last year it came up with their entry level 13 megapixel camera IM5.

Kodak Ektra Price:

The Kodak Ektra smartphone will cost £449 ($551) and it will be available in December in UK market. This handset is launched in UK market and will be available in Europe only. They are aiming this device solely for photography lovers.

Kodak Ektra Features:

The smartphone is named after Kodak’s iconic rangefinder Ektra camera during 1940’s. Android operated Kodak Ektra comes  with a 21-megapixel camera sensor, in addition to a decacore processor.

It has an “advanced manual mode” that allows the users to make adjust the exposure or shutter speed. Users will also get the premade setting options to select scenes like “night-time” or “sports” HDR, panorama, landscape, portrait, manual, sports, Bokeh, Macro and film/video similar to what we often see on a conventional digital camera. Moreover, users will be able to see previews in real time just like DSLR cameras.

The exterior design looks somewhat similar to old cameras: the camera lens is quite large in size, placed to the side and deliberately sticks out. Even the phone does contain a physical “shutter” button with the Kodak “K” that users need to press while taking pictures.

The smart phone outer case itself boasts a curved edge, giving it a feel of olden film-based camera used to have to hold its film roll. The whole device comes in leatherette covering that reminds us of the classic 35mm Kodak cameras. It measures 147.8mm x 73.35mm x nearly 10mm (9.69mm). The width expands to 14.02mm when the lens sticks out while taking pictures.



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