Instagram Brings New Snapchat Style Selfie Filters

Instagram is the call of the era.  If you check out the new Instagram update you will find that it covers more advanced Snapchat-like face filters for creating colorful Instagram Stories. The new feature which we are talking about is made available along with a fresh creative tool which can help you in capturing the videos in reverse mode.

Face filters: Creating Impact on Instagram users

There are eight initials mostly popular as “face filters,” and also mentioned by Instagram plays a very responsible role which is highly similar like Snapchat.  You will get the scope to add your virtual koala ears, butterfly crown, nerd glasses, or even can make a wrinkle-smooth makeup in your and friends photos as well as videos. This face filters new version on Instagram will work in smooth manner for both rear- as well as mobiles having cameras with front-facing of a user. But you need to remember that there is something which needs to be done at your end to enjoy the added features of Instagram. The Instagram new feature will perform when users get their Instagram app updated visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

By making this addition Instagram app concluded its competition with direct rival Snapchat. We need to agree on the point that Snapchat is the one which popularized the concept of augmented reality tech. This technology is capable to map and make application of animations on users’ faces. This technology was adapted by Snapchat when it acquired startup Looksery in the year 2015 as per “THE VERGE”

In its very latest blog Instagram clearly mentioned that they are making the launch of face filters for the cameras.   It can be used as an easy medium to make an ordinary photo different and funny. You can click any pic at any place and with use of face filters can express your feelings and emotions for funny and interactive conversations with friends.

Two more new additions in new version of Instagram Apps:

In the year 2016, Facebook, which officially owns Instagram, also acquired MSQRD, which was a Belarusian startup and specialized in similar augmented reality tech. Facebook took the initiative to go ahead and add up MSQRD’s tech for Facebook Stories in last March.

Apart from face filters there are few more things which were added in Instagram:

  • Hashtag “stickers” for photos +  videos in Instagram Stories
  • Eraser brush for applying the drawing tools



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