Apple To Reduce iPhone 5 Price in India To Rs 15000

iphone 5 latest priceHere comes truly awesome news for all the iPhone lovers. The iPhone maker Apple has decided to slash down the iPhone 5 price in India to Rs 15000. The California- based company will likely to reduce the price of their four-year -old iPhone 5’s and make it a part of online based purchasing process exclusively in India.

The officials of the company said that the company’s distributors have already had a word with all it’s cell phone stores that the apple iPhone 5s models will be eased out. Moreover, iPhone 5’s will be sold online only at an aggressive rate. They also gave an affirmation to the point that their iPhone SE would be available offline in India between Rs 15,000- Rs 20,000.

Regarding this issue, one of the officials of the company said that ‘the organization will definitely have a 10-12% pricing advantage for iPhone SE once it begins collecting it in India by next month’.  The strategy by the Apple Company is generally to expand the loyalty base out here.  The iPhone 5 price in India has reduced from Rs 18,000- RS 15,000 can also be a strategy to compete with other leading Smartphone company’s dominating the Indian market like Motorola, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, Samsung and mainly the Chinese manufacturers. The Apple iPhone 5s will have the latest version of iOS, good camera, and excellent battery reinforcement all for Rs 15000. As per the Hong Kong-based market tracker, Counterpart Research iPhone 5s accounts for almost 20% of the total iPhone shipments in India.

An executive said that this move will actually help the Apple Company as it will help them to proceed with the high pace of development in India since the iPhone sales begin flattening out from May- June until the dispatch of new models around October. Online deals regarding iPhone 5 price in India represent around 50-55% of iPhone deals in India, compared with about 30% for the industry.

Tarun Pathak, Counterpart Associate Director said that this will be a great move for the Apple Company since the budget- friendly smartphones are widely popular in the Indian market. The Rs15000- Rs2000 portion extended at 158% Jan-March quarter driven by Samsung, Oppo, Vivo etc. This compares a 15% development in general Smartphone sales. The premium section- Rs 30000 or more has been apple’s backbone in India and this fragment likewise extended at a slower pace of 35%.The Rs 20000-30000 value section where apple used to begin its offering in India extended only 10%.

So, perk up folks and make sure that you buy an iPhone 5’s this season.

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