Apple Launches Features Allowing Messages to Store On Cloud

As per the current technology news Apple has finally released the new IOS 11.4 which has many new features. The iOS 11.4 includes support of HomePod stereo pairs, AirPlay multi-room audio support. It also has the ability to sync messages across different Apple devices in iCloud.

This feature helps in storing messages and photos in iCloud so that the space on the device is free. This will be of real advantage to the users if they ever lose their tablets or phones. All these messages can be retrieved, by just signing in to the new account. If one deletes messages and conversations from one device, it will automatically be deleted from other devices.

Addition of features

As per the new technology update, the AirPlay 2 Multi-Audio allows to mesh all their AirPlay 2 speakers for the whole house audio. This cool feature can be activated by Siri. AirPly 2 is used by HomePod and Apple TV. Other platforms like Pioneer, Denon have confirmed their support to Airplay 2. Also, users can set up two HomePod speakers for right and left audio in a single room.

The iOS 11.4 is compatible with the iPad mini 2 or later ones, the iPhone 5S or later phones and later generations of iPod touch. Update of the iOS 11.4 will be automatically prompted on the phones having the compatible iPad, iPhone and iPod touch models. If the update is not prompted automatically, manually trigger it by going to the Settings option. After that, tap on the General and Software Update options respectively. From there, the user must enable Messages in iCloud by tapping Settings and then one’s name on the top of the screen. Then tap the Message switch, which will then turn green from the previous grey color. This mobile phone news shall come as a breather to the users of Apple.

The iOS 11.4 comes at a size of 300 MB and has pretty good stability with some amazing functionality. Apart from this, the 11.4 iOS also brings brand new RED wallpaper to the iPhone 8 and 8 plus phones. Some problems have also been found like graphical glitches, time bugs, calendar errors, audio skipping issues and broken camera roll. However, none of these problems have posed as showstoppers. New iOS updates are focusing on performance and stability of iOS 11.4. Hope the darker days of iOS 11 are hopefully going to be things of the past.


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