Amazon’s Finally Brings Voice Control To Its Alexa App for iOS.

Alexa voice control for iOS, AlexaAmazon has declared that they are updating the app Alexa for iOS for the much awaited voice assistance feature that will let one use voice commands  to give various commands to the smart assistant I.Despite the delay, the latest update has enabled Apple users to control any Echo devices in one’s home, or any Alexa enabled smart home devices, directly from the Alexa app, using one’s voice.The voice control on Alexa was available on Android devices since January and Amazon have promised that the new update will be coming soon.

Since the Amazon Echo launched, the Alexa app has been available for iOS. But till now, it one could only use it to set various other settings on Amazon Echo and Alexa- enabled devices and also use Amazon’s Calling and Messaging features to message other Alexa contacts.  Not only does Alexa control Echo and smart home devices, but it’s can also answer any questions of the user ,play music and do many other things like deliver news and sports scores, tell the weather etc. The native voice assistant on iPhone,  Siri, can not be replaced by Alexa, so one can  use one’s voice within the Alexa app only. However , on Android , users can set Alexa as their default voice assistant.

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With the launch of this new feature, users will be able to ask Amazon’s Alexa  to set alarm, for web queries, sports queries, music playback, smart home controls and for various other tasks very easily by just tapping  a button from  within the app on the iOS. The aim of Amazon to add  voice control to the Alexa app on iOS is to make the virtual assistant available on most devices. Amazon Echo and Echo Spot also entail Alexa and many PCs from companies like HP and Acer also have Alexa. But on iOS,  instead of simply saying the trigger word Alexa, users will have to open the Alexa app and tap the button to start the software and use it.

For accessing the new voice control feature in the Amazon Alexa app, users need to download the latest version ( that is 2.2.216514.0) from the App Store of Apple. With the addition of the voice feature, Alexa on a mobile,  has become much more than just an app that is used for setting up Amazon Echo devices. Those who will download the voice assistant will be able to ask for various assistance from the app.

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